SportsEngine Registration: Patrick Schoonover Heart Foundation

2017-2018 Volunteer Registration

This registration is currently under review and is not available.



Welcome to the 2017-2018 Heart Screening Volunteer Registration!

We appreciate you helping make our events successful!

Note: Registrations will not carry through from last year's events, however this session will allow you to register for one or more of this year's. 

If you are unavailable for these scheduled events but would like to participate in future events not yet scheduled, please sign up for our newsletter.  We will notify you of future event registration.  

Please note - you are not able to register for more than one person under an individual SportsEngine login.  All volunteers must personally register due to the waiver requirements.

Thank you!

Schedule/Registration Questions?

Please direct any questions regarding the registration process, schedule chages, etc. to:

Mark Espena


Mike Schoonover

Gayle Schoonover